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This dataset results from the data gathered in the platform Flora-On ( ), which contains observation records of vascular plants within mainland Portugal, made by an array of collaborators. Observations are uploaded directly by collaborators, who are either experienced botanists/naturalists, or occasional collaborators. In this latter case, the observations are first validated by the Editorial Board before publication. The Editorial Board is committed to ensure that only the most rigorous data is published, and it does not release observations whose uncertainty is judged to be high. Flora-On was created by and is kept up exclusively through the voluntary work of associate members of Sociedade Portuguesa de Botânica (Botanical Society of Portugal), its maintenance costs being supported only by the membership fees of the associates.

The project aims to provide users the most up-to-date data on Portuguese flora, through a set of interactive tools to visualize, query and explore the data. Highlights include: 1) a Bioclimatic Explorer, which allows projecting species occurrences (or occurrences of a compound query) in a climatic space ( ); 2) an interactive multiple-way identification key ( ); 3) an innovative WebGIS, allowing to overlay distribution layers not only for individual species but also richness-graduated layers made from compound queries ( ); 4) an all-in-one search box, linked to the previous tools, which allows to search species by a vast array of keywords related to habitat, morphology, flowering date, altitudinal range, location, climatic preferences and names; and 5) a Web Feature Service, which serves always up-to-date distribution maps ( ). The project has currently occurrence data spread over the whole country, but intensively sampled areas are still limited to the more coastal regions and a few spots in the interior. On average, 50000 new occurrences are uploaded into Flora-On each year. This dataset will thus be updated on a regular basis.

The collection was established in 1995-01-01 and ceased acquisitions in 2016-02-09.

Taxonomic range

The project that underlies this dataset (Flora-On) was born as an attempt to concentrate and make easily and publicly available chorological, ecological, morphological and photographical information about the entire vascular flora of Portugal. It is fed constantly with new occurrence data from many active collaborators ( ), who upload their weekly field observations to the database. Other scientific and technical projects have also contributed with data from their sampling campaigns.

Kingdoms covered include: Plantae.

The Flora-On: occurrence data of the flora of mainland Portugal collection includes members from the following taxa:

Geographic range

Portugal mainland

The western most extent of the collection is: -9.620000°

The eastern most extent of the collection is: -6.160000°

The northern most extent of the collection is: 42.170000°

The southern most extent of the collection is: 36.720000°

Number of specimens in the collection

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