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This dataset includes all the Orthoptera species recorded during a study performed in 2014 and 2015 mainly in Castro Verde Special Protection Area (SPA), southern Portugal, and is the first Orthoptera inventory conducted in the area.

Orthopterans were visually recorded along transects placed in 61 sites, each composed of one forest plantation and one adjacent fallow field and. A total of 35 Orthoptera species was recorded, distributed among six of the 11 families known to occur in Portugal.

Taxonomic range

Two species are recorded for the first time for Portugal: Dociostaurus hispanicus Bolivar, 1898 and Euryparyphes terrulentus (Serville, 1838). Furthermore, Platystolus martinezi (Bolívar, 1873), first recorded around 100 years ago in Portugal, is now recorded for the second time. Some of our records complement the current knowledge on species geographic distribution in southern Europe. Seven species expanded their known distribution to the south-westernmost location in Europe: Dociostaurus hispanicus, Euryparyphes terrulentus, Platycleis falx (Fabricius, 1775), Platycleis intermedia (Serville, 1838), Platystolus martinezi, Sphingonotus lluciapomaresi (Defaut, 2005) and Tylopsis lilifolia (Fabricius, 1793).

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